Charles Oglesby
Brown-Oglesby Funeral Home
Seneca, SC

Larry Buchanan
Macon Funeral Home
Franklin, NC

P.J. Staab
Staab Funeral Home
Springfield, IL

Justin Baxley
Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services
Ocala, FL

"Soft Touch is user friendly...saves me time. I like the organization of how the cards go out. I like the immediate feedback i receive from the survey letter. 90% of my families have returned the survey to me, giving immediate feedback-and gives them the option of asking me for more information on prearranging."

Billy Thomas
Thomas Funeral Home
Centerville, Iowa

Following our first SoftTouch mailing earlier this year, Funeral Director Brian Bonar and I were having lunch at a local restaurant. We were approached by two members of a family we had served, and they brought to our attention that they had received our card and thanked us for our considerations.

Soft Touch is adding a personalization to our services that we would never be able to track and maintain on our own."

Richard Richmond
Care Funeral & Cremation Service
Moundsville, WV